Optimise Profit

Selling property can be stressful. Choosing the right agent can be overwhelming.

Why choose an agent at all? - Why not market the property yourself or only online?

We appreciate that you have a choice, and we strive to earn your trust and business.

Every property will sell. *Your* property *will sell!* Anyone can sell your property! The question is... At what price and under what conditions?

If you, or an other agent or online agency underestimate / discount / slash the price far enough, it *will* sell... But, how delighted will you be by the process and the outcome?

We work with and for you, to optimise your profit and to delight you!

>> Firstly, it's important to us to understand your situation, your motivations and your objectives; your aspirations for you, your dependents and your future.
Why do you want to sell? And, what will you do with the money? Is selling (now) even the best decision for you?

>> Secondly, we'll want to know your ideal timeline and any "hidden deadlines."
When do you need (or would you like) to sell and settle by?

>> Next, we'll discuss with you the best method of sale. Different properties, in different markets, may warrant sale by private treaty or tender; whereas, some might warrant sale by public auction. How about a combination?!? - Yes, that's an option.
We appreciate that you may have preconceptions, expectations shaped by family, friends or media, or prior personal experience of tenders vs auctions. We work with and for you, to optimise your profit and to delight you! We're the experts; but, you're the boss! - Of course, we'll recommend what we think is best - and we hope that you'll take that on board; but, ultimately, every choice is yours!

>> These conversations (sometimes called 'discovery') will inform our 3-phase sales process.

>> With your consent, we'll tailor up to 4 staged campaigns to market your property!

Phase 1 - Campaign 1

Off Market

We promote your property directly to our known buyer community using sophisticated, appealing eBooks (like this one) and through the 'VIP / Off Market' page on our website

...The off market campaign attracts genuine market-feedback about *your* property. Based on this feedback, we may revise the Statement of Information and price guide before initiating Campaign 2.

Phase 2

Campaign 2

On Social Media

We order home-staging, twilight (and optional aerial/drone) photography, a floor plan and graphic artwork, and we promote through our extensive social media network and yours

Campaign 3

Fully On Market

We deploy traditional sign boards and drop-cards, and we list your property on more than 12 portals including premium Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au, View.com.au and foreign investment portals where appropriate. We also create a website for your property alone, which can be search-engine-optimised to feature your property on Google. At this stage, our revised and refined eBooks streamline Open for Inspection feedback, expressions of interest and buyers making offers

Campaign 4

In Print / Traditional Media

We showcase your property in relevant newspapers, magazines and lift-outs. In conjunction with our credible brand, your beautifully staged and photographed property will appeal to the right audience

Additional and alternative marketing may be appropriate and is available

Phase 3

With genuine offers in hand, we will work with you to establish an exciting Reserve! Once your Reserve is set, we will encourage all interested bidders and cultivate further competition.

At this stage, our honed negotiation-skills really come into play...!
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